Let Me Eat Cake

Flashnano a challenge to write 30 stories in 30 days with a daily story prompt

FlashNano Day 9: Write a story that takes place in the grocery store (supermarket)

*PG-13 for language

img_5190She spent the day holed up in her house in her pajamas. Too shell shocked to leave. CNN still blaring the results loudly from the other room.

Her hair was unkempt and her toothbrush never left its holder. The wine she mournfully drank the night before roiled in her gut. But, she was hungry. More like hangry actually, that new fangled word – hungry + angry = hangry.

She threw on sweats and a jacket over her pajama top. Crammed her disgusting hair into a ball cap and put on her shades. She had to go to the store and get some food…NOW.

Walking into the store she headed to the produce section. Maybe a nice salad, fresh fruit and some lightly flavored sparkling water would make her feel better. She stood looking at the array of vegetables, mentally putting the salad together. Beautiful crisp lettuce, crunchy cherry tomatoes, vivid peppers of green, orange and red – julienne cut, of course. She put all of the ingredients for her salad into her cart. She was starting to feel better already. Seeing a container of organic pine nuts, she put that in her cart as well.

She walked over to the fruit section and bagged two bright green granny smith apples, a honeydew melon and lastly a bunch of nearly ripe bananas… nearly ripe, she didn’t like brown spotted bananas. She searched for a non-brown spotted bunch… every bunch had brown spots. She could feel her blood pressure rising.

“What the fuck I just want bananas that aren’t brown spotted, is that too much to ask for?” She muttered loudly.

She began tossing the brown spotted bunches over her shoulder in search of a non-damaged bunch.

“No! No! No! NO! This will not fucking do!” She shouted. People began to stare, but she didn’t care. She began hurling the brown spotted bananas across the produce section.

“Ma’am…um you can’t throw bananas… it’s not allowed,” the young man in his bright red employee vest stuttered.

Turning around with bulging eyes and bunches of bananas clutched in both hands she leaned into the scared young man’s face and growled, “This fucking banana will NEVER be my president… oh! I mean…”

Realizing what she’d said and seeing the terror in the young man’s face made her laugh. She laughed until tears poured down her face.

“I’m so sorry… it’s ok, I’m so… Geezus, I’m so sorry. Can you please take this cart. I won’t need it.”

Still looking warily at the obviously insane woman, he took her cart and began putting the vegetables away.

She went to the bakery section and bought a triple layer chocolate cake inscribed with “Happy Birthday” in bright pink lettering. The young woman behind the bakery counter asked, “Would you like me to add a name to that?”

“Nah, this’ll be fine like this,” she grabbed a cheap bottle of wine and headed to the register.

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And The Dog Shall Inherit The Earth

FlashNano a challenge to write 30 stories in 30 days with a daily story prompt

Not my proudest moment writing-wise, but I’m a bit distracted today. JLW

FlashNano Day 8: Write a story in the form of a speech




Wild applause.


Hello Friends…

Enough with these humans ruling the land… Enough I say! Join me today and I promise you warm beds, hot meals, a squeak toy in every basket and a human to train any way you please.

No dog has ever started a war. Dogs love peace… unless there’s a squirrel around and then all bets are off. But otherwise, a dog knows love is the answer… love and a bit of bacon.

So, if you enjoy peace, love & bacon. I’m your dog!

Dogs Rule – Humans Drool!

Wild applause.

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When I Was A Superhero

FlashNano a challenge to write 30 stories in 30 days with a daily story prompt

FlashNano Day 7: Write a story that happened to you when you were 7

*Dedicated to my sister, Jill, I’ll still fight monsters for you.

IMG_5167.JPGTip toeing through the dark hallway my senses were on high alert. I looked around every corner – scanning high and low. Only when it was all clear did I beckon her to follow.

“Ok, it’s clear, come on,” I whispered. Her bare feet scampered behind me.

“Turn on the light and check the bathroom,” she said.

“Sssssh, I will. Be quiet, you don’t want them to hear us do you?”

In the darkness, I felt, more than saw her shake her head no.

“Stay right here, don’t move,” I said as I pressed my back to the wall and slid noiselessly into the bathroom, I quickly turned on the light and struck a karate pose. Ready for action… but, there were no monsters – this time. Lucky for them.

“Ok, go… I’ll be right outside the door. You’re safe.”

When she was finished, I guided us back through the dark to our room. I made sure she was tucked tightly into bed and then I climbed into my own bed. Without being able to see it, I knew her little hand was reaching out towards me – as was our ritual, I handed her the corner of my bed sheet to hold onto. Just in case the monsters came, she could tug my sheet and I’d leap up and save her.

By day I was the bratty, messy younger sister, but at night I was a superhero who protected my sister from things that went bump in the night.

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The Girl with the Twinkling Eyes

FlashNano a challenge to write 30 stories in 30 days with a daily story prompt.

FlashNano Day 6: Write a story inspired by this picture


Sarah and I were best friends – unlike me, she was perfect. Her hair was chestnut brown like the mane of a horse and it sparkled in the sunlight. My hair didn’t sparkle.

In the summer of my youth we’d lay out in my backyard listening to Top 40’s music on a transistor radio. I miss the scratchy sound of a transistor radio, sometimes clarity isn’t such a good thing. Sarah never got a sunburn, she turned the color of golden honey. I burned.

Sarah’s eyes were an iridescent green, they twinkled when she laughed. I did everything in my power to make her laugh just to see them twinkle. My eyes are brown, they don’t twinkle.

Sarah and I talked for hours and when I was sad she listened. When my parents divorced, Sarah was there immediately. She sat next to me on the curb and let me cry. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out two pieces of chalk and handed one to me.

“From now on when we’re sad or lonely, let’s write,” she’d said.

And she started writing on the sidewalk. Her letters were big and swirly. I tried to copy her swirly letters, but my letters didn’t swirl. But, I did write.

One day my mom came outside when Sarah and I were writing on the sidewalk and she snapped, “What are you doing out here by yourself scribbling all over the sidewalk? Clean that up and get inside.”

Sarah left that day, her chestnut mane and twinkling eyes were gone. I never saw her again.

Sometimes clarity isn’t such a good thing.

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Damaged Goods

FlashNano a challenge to write 30 stories in 30 days with a daily story prompt.

FlashNano Day 5: Write a story that takes place on Saturday


🎶Saturday in the park, I think it was the Fourth of July…🎶

“Can you pull the blinds, the sun hurts my eyes?”

“Of course, how are you feeling today… I mean, considering… nevermind…stupid question, I’ll just shut the blinds,” the orderly headed towards the door, “I’m sorry, I’m new…”

“It’s fine, I’m fine,” she watched the young man leave the room and released the sheets she’d been clutching between her fingers. Her heartbeat began to regulate. Letting out a breath, “I’m fine”.

🎶People dancing, people laughing, a man selling ice cream… 🎶

The nurse came in, head down reading her chart and then looked up with a warm smile. “Still have a headache? I can give you –,”

“I’m fine.”

🎶Saturday in the park, I think it was the Fourth of July…🎶

“Please, turn that song off.”

Turning off the little radio, the nurse turned back to her, “There’s an officer here to speak to you, about your — incident… if you’re up to it now.”

“I-Is it a man or woman… the officer, I mean?” She asked.

The nurse touched her hand lightly, “A woman.”

“Ok,” taking another deep breath, “Ok, I’m fine”.

“She’s right outside, she’ll be in momentarily.”

Body still aching, she ran her finger gently over her swollen split lip and down to her throat where the chain had been digging in for days.

“I’m fine,” she said to the empty room and waited.

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A Most Cherished Prize

FlashNano a challenge to write 30 stories in 30 days with a daily story prompt.

FlashNano Day 4: Write a story that involves winning a prize

~Sometimes an unabashed, sappy fairytale escapes from my mind and all I can do is let it breathe. JW

IMG_5121.JPGCallie looked in the mirror one last time as she leaned in to apply a final stroke of soft pink lipstick. She couldn’t believe she’d won. She’s not a girl used to winning, especially a prize this breathtaking. But win she did.

It’s funny how some prizes work, you don’t have to do anything special, except be at the right place at the right time. That’s how it was for Callie. And she did nothing more than be herself… her awkward, quirky self and it was enough. It was finally enough.

Spinning in front of the mirror, her white dress rustled delicately around her knees. She was barefoot with her toes painted pearly pink. She wore her hair down – wild, untamed curls fell halfway to her waist. She slid on a headband made of daisies as a giggle escaped her lips.

It was time.

As Callie walked down the flower strewn path, a familiar tune played on a single wooden flute. Each step she took was fairy light in harmony with the melodious notes.

At the end of the path her prize waited, her heart fluttered, a smile played across his lips and in his sparkling eyes she saw – she was his prize too.

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How To Be A Writer

FlashNano a challenge to write 30 stories in 30 days with a daily story prompt.

FlashNano Day 3: Write a story in the form of an instruction manual



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