When You’re Strong


Photo by J. Wahl

PROLOGUE: Is this about you? I don’t know, maybe, or maybe it’s all of us – sometimes. 

Under the blanket of darkness she cries, praying to a God she fears isn’t listening. He’s probably listening to the prayers of someone more worthy – someone who believes without reservation, she prays nonetheless. The darkness knows she’s not as strong as she looks, but it never tells – it’s her secret keeper. A loyal friend.

As the sun rises she splashes cold water on her face, and smiles into the mirror until it feels real. The sunshine warms her face where the trail of tears once flowed. It’s not as loyal as the darkness, it shows all the rough edges and tender spots. The sun searches for secrets, and tells them all.  She must be strong to outrun the sun’s harsh glare.

At the end of the day she drops her armor at the door, and slides into the comforting arms of darkness.

This is her dance, she does it well.

About Jody

Jody is a graphic designer, doodler, reader, lover of dogs and the Los Angeles Dodgers. She runs a popular print on demand site The Whimsy Doodle Shop and can usually be found doodling new design ideas on scraps of paper. Jody lives in LA with her husband and two rambunctious dachshunds.
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1 Response to When You’re Strong

  1. Ed Schilling says:

    I dont have that much faith I’m afraid…

    Liked by 1 person

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