The Job Interview

DAY 2 of the Flashnano Challenge. Flashnano is a challenge that involves writing 30 stories in 30 days throughout the month of November. A new writing prompt every day. As a reminder, at this stage I don’t edit these it’s simply raw, off the top of my head writing. Later, I’ll go through any that have potential and edit them. Thanks for reading.

FLASHNANO 2018 – 30 Stories in 30 Days

PROMPT 2: Write a story that takes place in the bathroom

[This story came to me instantly because, with a few variations, this happened to me. I’m famous for my bad sense of direction.]


“Well, Ms. Marshall, thank you for coming in,” he stood up “your resume and portfolio are quite impressive. We’ve got a few more candidates to see, but I don’t mind telling you, they’re going to have a hard time beating your credentials”.

“Thank you, Mr. Parker. I would love to be a part of your team. I look forward to hearing from you soon,” Dez stands up, feeling confident she nailed this interview. Reaching for the doorknob, she breezily turns around and says, “Goodbye, thank you again for your time.” I’ve got this, she thinks.

“Uh, that’s not the…,he stopped.

Shutting the door behind her Dez feels disoriented, “What the hell?” Looking around she sees a sparkling porcelain sink resting in an expensive looking marble countertop. Rich chocolate brown towels hang on rings near the sink, each monogrammed with an elegant corporate logo. In the corner sits a shiny white toilet.

“A TOILET?! Oh…my…God! I’m in his bathroom?! Ohmygodohmygod. What did I do? OMG! I noticed two doors when I walked in! The interview went so well. I’m in his BATHROOM!” She snort laughs and quickly covers her mouth with her hand. Panicked, she looks around. “What do I do? Just walk out… compliment his nice restroom?! Act like I meant to go in here?!”

Pulling her phone out of her purse she quickly sends a text to her best friend Kelly.

Kel, OMG!

Hey, Dez! How’d the interview go?

I’m still here…

You’re texting me during your interview?

Yes… I mean, no! I’m in the bathroom. His BATHROOM! I was leaving his office… omg! There were two doors! I’m in his bathroom! He’s outside the door!!

LOLOLOLOLOL! What?! Get out of there!

I can’t! What do I say? I’ve been in here, like, 5 minutes or hours…I don’t know?! Feels like hours!

LOL! Dez you’ve got to get out of there. You can NOT live in his bathroom. He’s going to need it eventually. Get out! LOL!

Stop laughing! This is my dream job! It went so well. Now I’m trapped in his bathroom. Wait, there’s a window…

You can NOT climb out a window! LOLOL

It’s a small window, but I think…

NO! LOL! DEZ, NO! YOU’LL GET STUCK LIKE WINNIE THE POOH! I’m crying right now! LOL!! Get out of there. Just act casual. LOL!



I think he tapped on the door!

LMAO! Dez get out of there!! SERIOUSLY, you have to get out of there!

Ok. Ok. I’m going to go. OMG!


Ok. I’m leaving, I’ve got this she thinks. Standing tall, she opens the bathroom door and sees Mr. Parker looking out his window, back turned to her. He slowly turns around with a bemused smirk playing on his lips.

“Well, um, thank you for your… time. I’ll just be leaving now,” She says.

“Alright then…it’s the door on your left…” he says with a barely contained grin.

“Yes, of course. Uh, have a good day,” holding her head high she walks out the door.

“Ms. Marshall,” smiling broadly “you’ll be hearing from us soon.”

Dez nods and smiles, “Thank you.”  Walking past the receptionists desk she hears laughter coming from his office. 

She looks back at his office door shakes her head mortified, “Geez, Dez.” Then she laughs too. Shrugging, “Well, what are ya gonna do.” She leaves.

Two days later she got the job.

About Jody

Jody is a graphic designer, doodler, reader, lover of dogs and the Los Angeles Dodgers. She runs a popular print on demand site The Whimsy Doodle Shop and can usually be found doodling new design ideas on scraps of paper. Jody lives in LA with her husband and two rambunctious dachshunds.
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