Endless Nights

FlashNano Day 6: Write a story in less than 100 words

Wide awake staring into the darkness, imploring God, or the sandman, whomever grants sleep to the weary – please let me rest. No dreams for those who can’t sleep. Each sound taunts my wakefulness…a dog barking, a siren in the distance. Tears of frustration well in my eyes. The clock on the table sychronizes with the beat of my heart. Tick.Thump.Tock.Thump. Their duet agitates my already restless mind. Minutes pass like hours. Tick.Thump.Tock.Thump. My pleas go unanswered – another hour passes.


About Jody

This blog, like this girl is an ever-changing work in progress. The second I think I know myself I go and change. I write - some good, some bad. But, I write... I am a writer.
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