Third Time’s a Charm

DAY 13 of the Flashnano Challenge. Flashnano is a challenge that involves writing 30 stories in 30 days throughout the month of November. A new writing prompt every day. As a reminder, at this stage I don’t edit these it’s simply raw, off the top of my head writing. Later, I’ll go through any that have potential and edit them. Thanks for reading.

FLASHNANO 2018 – 30 Stories in 30 Days

PROMPT 13: Write a Story without punctuation 

Photo Credit Jon Soohoo

Game seven again I just don’t think I can handle a third World Series loss in a row my Dodgers are literally going to be the death of me but here we are and it’s the ninth inning and everything’s on the line and we’re down two to one two outs not ideal nope not goddam ideal at all but Pederson blisters one down the line and as it rattles around in the corner he finds himself on second base beating his chest like an angry gorilla if the adrenaline wasn’t coursing so voraciously through his veins I bet he’d knock the wind out of himself Justin Turner steps up to the plate his playoff beard is so bushy he looks like Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer he fouls off the first two pitches right away and I’m despondent here we go again always the bridesmaid never the bride but wait pitcher somehow throws a meatball right down the middle and JT does not miss it that ball goes screaming out of the park like it’s got wings and a flight attendant Joc is running the bases eyes closed pumping his fists and yelling indecipherable words the dugout clears and the field is covered in Dodger blue as JT rounds third his smile is nearly busting his face in half and he’s doing the Kirk Gibson arm pump time slows down and when he reaches home he jumps what seems like 100 feet into the air and lands on home plate into the euphoric arms of his teammates the crowd is deafening the stadium is thumping like a heartbeat I LOVE LA is blaring over the speakers and me I’m sitting on my couch bawling like a baby

About Jody

Jody is a graphic designer, doodler, reader, lover of dogs and the Los Angeles Dodgers. She runs a popular print on demand site The Whimsy Doodle Shop and can usually be found doodling new design ideas on scraps of paper. Jody lives in LA with her husband and two rambunctious dachshunds.
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