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Are People Really Good at Heart?

Every time a new tragic event happens my mind goes back to this quote by Anne Frank: Terrible as they’ve been, and my God, they’ve been terrible…Nothing we’ve seen, so far, has been as horrific as what she experienced, but … Continue reading

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Home isn’t just a place where your things reside. Home is a feeling of belonging, a connection to the earth and space around you. I walk along the dusty trails where the pine trees reach towards the heavens and wildflowers … Continue reading

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Social Media and the Introvert

Does Social Media benefit anyone as much as the introvert? I have always been an introvert. I have had mini-panic attacks at the prospect of being around too many people. If there is a way to avoid it, I will. … Continue reading

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Begin At The End

I almost always write my ending first, whether it’s a short story or a simple blog post. I like to have a solid end point, it helps me see where I’m going. I may take wild turns, loop around and … Continue reading

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Words ~ A Stream of Consciousness

Words – I devour them greedily off the page. I always have. Some I take in quickly, voraciously (what a splendid word!). Because I simply can not wait for them to live inside me. Others I read slowly – out … Continue reading

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Random Musings on Writing

Is it less worthy to write simple stories, essays and anecdotes, where your goal is the reader’s smile or laugh? Is this niche (my niche, as it were) less legit than the niche of the soul bearing “real writer”? Every … Continue reading

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The Me On Paper

The Me On Paper The me on paper walks purposely of step. Head held high, fearlessly looking forward. ~●~ The me on paper is peace-filled and accepting. She has battled her demons and cleared the darkness. ~●~ The me on … Continue reading

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