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FlashNano Day 13: Write a 13-word story She still screams ‘Goodbye’ into the hollow night. Unheard. Death never plays fair. *Dedicated to my friend Johnny. Gone too soon, missed every day.

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Vapor Dinosaurs

Vapor dinosaurs shape-shifting across the sky I know they are for me I still miss you – don’t worry Missing you isn’t like a dinosaur cloud It doesn’t disappear. ~Dedicated to my friend, Johnny. Gone too soon, but still creating … Continue reading

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Sixteen Days of Gone

Gone, still gone. Miss our talks and laughter. Brief moments I still think you’re out there – living. Then… gone, still gone. “When will you be yourself… funny again?” I dunno… I dunno. I write poetry now, because it’s there. … Continue reading

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The Space Between

Happy New —- hold on. Not just yet. I’m not ready. I can’t look forward to the new year with hope and optimism. Not just yet. Don’t get me wrong, I love fresh starts. The blank pages of a new … Continue reading

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