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BRCA2 — Decisions, Decisions

‪Getting a positive BRCA2 (mutation in a gene that puts you at a much higher risk for getting cancer) result has changed my life. Between my mom’s current battle with ovarian cancer, and my sister and my positive BRCA results, … Continue reading

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My BRCA is Broke-A… Now What?

My BRCA (2) is Broke-A… Now What? First let me put on my doctor’s hat… ok, yeah, I’m not a doctor, I’m a graphic designer, but really same difference, right? And I’ve been reading so much medical junk, I’m practically … Continue reading

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Before and After

How fast we learn lessons when time isn’t guaranteed. On Friday, April 20th I found out my mom has ovarian cancer. Cancer, is there a more terrifying word? Every issue I had with my mom, real and imagined, fell away. … Continue reading

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