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Are People Really Good at Heart?

Every time a new tragic event happens my mind goes back to this quote by Anne Frank: Terrible as they’ve been, and my God, they’ve been terrible…Nothing we’ve seen, so far, has been as horrific as what she experienced, but … Continue reading

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Jody needs what?!

  Jody Wahl,  We’ve picked a few styles we think you’ll like based on your past purchases and preferences. Neon Fanny Pack. Maybe Amazon just knows I’m depressed and they’re trying to help. I mean, that’s sweet right? Who says … Continue reading

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The Time I Was Catholic

I was an odd kid… at around 12ish I decided I wanted to be Catholic, for a Jewish-Protestant kid that was a big leap. There were a few things about Catholicism that really appealed to me; school uniforms, crossing oneself … Continue reading

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The Pink Picnic and I

I moved off the Navy Base at about 11 years old. We moved into a regular neighborhood with kids everywhere. My best friend, Gloria, lived directly behind us. We were inseparable from the moment we met. When Gloria got a … Continue reading

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Random Musings on Writing

Is it less worthy to write simple stories, essays and anecdotes, where your goal is the reader’s smile or laugh? Is this niche (my niche, as it were) less legit than the niche of the soul bearing “real writer”? Every … Continue reading

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Fun With Google or I’m Easily Amused

Early this morning I head on over to Google to ask it a question about downloading something (none of your business what I wanna download, but it ain’t porn…f’reals!) Anyway, I typed, “Can I da…” typo meant “do…” immediately, as … Continue reading

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Christmas Decorating

Driving home last night I was admiring all the Christmas decorations on display at people’s houses. There are a few different approaches to decorating your home for Christmas. 1. Everything, But the Kitchen Sink.  500 strings of multi-colored blinking lights. … Continue reading

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