Muddy Feet

DAY 3 of the Flashnano Challenge. Flashnano is a challenge that involves writing 30 stories in 30 days throughout the month of November. A new writing prompt every day. As a reminder, at this stage I don’t edit these it’s simply raw, off the top of my head writing. Later, I’ll go through any that have potential and edit them. Thanks for reading.

FLASHNANO 2018 – 30 Stories in 30 Days

PROMPT 3: Write a story that includes mud


Callie places her soaking wet umbrella against the porch railing and struggles out of her messy rain boots. The rain is still coming down in sheets, broken up every few minutes by deafening thunder. She quickly turns the key and steps inside. She slides out of her jacket and hangs it on the coat rack. She scampers into the bathroom in her stockinged feet and grabs a towel quickly drying her hair and knotting it on top of her head in a messy bun.

She steps into the living room and yells, “Helloooo, anyone ho-,” before she can finish her sentence she notices the muddy footprints everywhere.

“Ohhh, come on! You’re kidding me. How many times have I told you guys to clean your feet before coming in the house. I beg, I plead, I barter and you still don’t listen. Where are you guys? The least you can do is come help me clean up this mess! RANDY! SOPHIA! Get in here right now! You made this mess and you’ll darn well help me clean it up!”

She goes into the kitchen and sees more muddy footprints. “Ahhh come on, guys!” Grabbing the Swiffer she quickly cleans them up. Sighing she gets the carpet cleaner, a bucket of hot water and a big sponge and goes into the living  room and gets to work on the muddy prints in there.

“I know you guys are here somewhere!” she yells. “Why won’t you help out around here? I’m a good mom, I cook, I clean. I take you to the park every afternoon to play with your friends. But, you won’t do this one little thing for me. Simply wipe your feet before you come into the house.”

She takes the bucket of muddy water outside and pours it down the drain. She rinses the sponge and puts it under the sink along with the carpet cleaner.

Plopping down on the couch she tries again. “Ok! I’ve cleaned up your mess A-GAIN, now come in here and at least tell me about your day. HELLOOOOOO! Randy!? Sophia!?”

A moment later the house shakes with the loudest thunder yet. From the other room she hears yelps and scuttling as two terrified dachshunds with dried mud covered  little legs and feet come darting into the room and jump onto her lap. Burying their little scared faces under her arms, but tails wagging with excitement.

“Randy! Sophia!” She exclaims laughing. “Your feet are still muddy! Awww my babies, it’s ok, mommy’s home. I forgive you. I’ll save you from that mean old thunder. Let’s go clean those messy feet and get a treat. Sound good?” Randy and Sophia excitedly jump on her chest in unison and start licking her face.

“Ok! Ok!” She laughs while tucking a squirmy little dog with mud caked feet under each arm.

“Feet first and treats second”.

She can never stay mad long at these squirmy, mud covered little monsters. The joy they bring lasts much longer than muddy footprints. 🐾🐾

About Jody

Jody is a graphic designer, doodler, reader, lover of dogs and the Los Angeles Dodgers. She runs a popular print on demand site The Whimsy Doodle Shop and can usually be found doodling new design ideas on scraps of paper. Jody lives in LA with her husband and two rambunctious dachshunds.
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2 Responses to Muddy Feet

  1. JOYCE says:

    Cute story…why did I know those muddy prints were from dachshunds?

    Liked by 1 person

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