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Finding Me

FlashNano Day 24: Write a story where something is found “Fuck it,” I slammed my laptop shut. “I can’t write here, it’s over. This place has drained my soul.” Dramatic? Yes, but it felt true. It still feels true in … Continue reading

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The Gathering

FlashNano Day 23: Write a story while listening to Prokofiev’s “Dance of the Knights” (from his ballet Romeo and Juliet) They gathered from near and far, this cannot go on, this enemy must fall. They drove, they walked, they picked … Continue reading

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Hiding in Plain Sight

FlashNano Day 22: Write a story where someone is trying to hide something She walked into the crowded room, the party was in full swing and the energy was electric. Loud, thumping music played throughout the house and the alcohol … Continue reading

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Beautiful Bitches

The stage was lit with a flattering soft light, best to enhance their inarguable outer beauty. Unfortunately, no amount of soft lighting can disguise inner ugliness. “There is no way that bitch from Colorado’s hair is real,” Miss Iowa commented … Continue reading

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Jody needs what?!

  Jody Wahl,  We’ve picked a few styles we think you’ll like based on your past purchases and preferences. Neon Fanny Pack. Maybe Amazon just knows I’m depressed and they’re trying to help. I mean, that’s sweet right? Who says … Continue reading

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FlashNano Day 20: Take a story you have written (this month). Cut the word count by half. Give it a new title **Reworked story #1 The Baby Blue Convertible and Me My convertible, she’s the perfect shade of sky blue … Continue reading

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Pretty to think so

FlashNano Day 19: Write a story where the ending comes first **I have begun this quick stream of consciousness piece with one of my very favorite book endings “The Sun Also Rises” by Ernest Hemingway. I didn’t follow the prompt … Continue reading

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