Getting To Know The REAL Me


I’ve been blogging for a few months now and I feel it’s time I open up a bit about who I am and what makes me tick.
The REAL me, if you will.
The best way to bare my soul to you and scrape away the inauthentic façade that I hide behind is through the results of numerous Facebook Quizzes.

I took all of these quizzes this morning, so the freshest version of me would be at the forefront.
So, without further ado, I’d like you to meet the Real Me.

What Should Be My Real First Name?

Yep, nailed it! Lady…. princess…. elegant. Sooo, fucking me right there! All that other junk, too. I must admit though, I’m second guessing this blog post right now. I just feel doubtful that’s it’s worthy of my high standards.

Oh well, let’s carry on – shall we.

My Obsessions According To My Sign:


Humorless, bossy, control-freak, Jerkwad who will use your face as a ladder to reach my goals. But, thankfully…

How Sexy Am I?


Thankfully, I’m “On Fire” in the sexy department since I’m a humorless, bossy, control-freak Jerkwad who will use your face as a ladder to reach my goals. Does anyone care if I’m all that crappy junk as long as I’m all on fire in the sexy department? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Ok, Let’s see… What Is My Hidden Talent?

Well, with my ‘On fire’ Sexiness I think we all know what my hidden talents are – Qui?

But, Let’s see what the Quiz says…

jody_1 (3)_resized

Hmmm. I wasn’t sure about this one, but I just broke out the meanest Can-Can dance ever right now! This talent was even hidden from me! Cool, I’m always looking for new Bar Tricks!

Ok, Let’s go for one final Getting To Know Me query.

How Many Kids Will I Have?

jody_3 (1)_resized

Oh Good God! Three Kids?! I don’t even have ONE! I’ve got to wake my husband up NOW! We are going to need to break out some Triplets action and PRONTO! Tick Tock time is NOT on my side here! I think I may have one viable egg left in me… good thing it’s on fire and sexy!!

Well guys… That’s Me! I’m glad I was finally comfortable enough to share myself with you.


About Jody

Jody is a graphic designer, doodler, reader, lover of dogs and the Los Angeles Dodgers. She runs a popular print on demand site The Whimsy Doodle Shop and can usually be found doodling new design ideas on scraps of paper. Jody lives in LA with her husband and two rambunctious dachshunds.
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6 Responses to Getting To Know The REAL Me

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fabulous Jody. I especially like the 3 kids comment. Better wake up Chris and get at it!!! SSD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pepper Aarvold says:

    Yep. That’s my kid. Takes after me according to these quizzes! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Just some late night reading…. laughing again at this one…. you keep this up about the one viable egg thing, and Chris is gonna put barbed wire across the bed! LOL!

    As for “your lack of a sense of humor”, such balderdash! You’ve made me laugh with your posts! Never a dull moment with you!

    Good to know your dancing days are still here! I just remember three, sometimes 4 girls in a bedroom, attempting to dance while playing albums! Fun times!

    Keep your chin up… this writing thing will take you places!!

    Liked by 1 person

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