Silence Please



Silence please, it’s too loud in here.

Feeling too much; feeling too little.

Are you laughing? Are you laughing?

I’m not, ok, sometimes I am.

Wanting to be more, do more, say more

Succeeding some, failing more.

Battling. Building strength where I’m soft and weak.

Searching. Can’t find it. Keep searching. Is that it?

Darkness. Scary. Sitting in the dark.

I’m here. Mostly.

That’s not me. She only looks like me.

Are you laughing? I’m not, but I will be.

Changing. Better, worse. Don’t know.

My head is too full. Write it down. Release it.

That’s a little better. Quieter anyway.


About Jody

This blog, like this girl is an ever-changing work in progress. The second I think I know myself I go and change. I write - some good, some bad. But, I write... I am a writer.
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