Christmas Decorating


Driving home last night I was admiring all the Christmas decorations on display at people’s houses. There are a few different approaches to decorating your home for Christmas.

1. Everything, But the Kitchen Sink.  500 strings of multi-colored blinking lights. Huge inflatable characters and Santa offering gifts to baby Jesus in a nativity scene. Mary and Joseph looking adoringly on wearing santa hats. The most loved or hated house in town. No gray area here.

2. The Minimalist. Clear lights framing the edge of your roofline. One poinsettia on each side of your front door. Simple and elegant. Something about simple elegance angers me, but that’s my issue not theirs.

3. The Just Right. The most common. Neither too much nor too little. Inspires an aaaah, but not an OOOOOOOOOH!

4. Lastly, my personal fave, The Fuck It. I saw the best display of The Fuck It on my way home last night.

There were two masses of obviously tangled lights laying on two large bushes in front of the house. You could tell the person tried to untangle them because each mass had about a foot of good intentions. You can literally see the Fuck It moment, where he gave up. The huge inflatable snowman aparently kept tipping over, so he was tethered to a tree. He was still leaning way forward and in the dark, lit by the clumps of lights, he looked like he was lurching forward to vomit.

Ya know, maybe fuck it guy has every intention of going back out there and fixing that chaos. I hope not though. The Fuck It house gave me the most joy out of all the decorated houses. You could literally imagine the guy going back in the house, popping open a beer, telling the little lady to quit riding his ass the house was decorated and proceeded to watch football all day. Sure, he’s kinda schmucky, but I always admire a solid fuck it attitude. Well done,  fuck it guy, well done!


About Jody

Jody is a writer living in Los Angeles. She’s best described as a work in progress - aren’t we all?
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2 Responses to Christmas Decorating

  1. sWe says:

    Your posts are hilarious–both this one and Fun with Google. I enjoyed/was slightly disturbed by my visit here. 🙂

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