Black Friday Beast


Black Friday Beast 

It’s the Black Friday Shopping time of year.

I can not, I will not, shop you hear!!

Lined up for blocks at the crack of dawn.

This whole thing is just a con, con, CON.

No holiday spirit is found this day.

Only buy, buy, buy….Pay, pay, PAY!!

Belly still full from your Thanksgiving feast.

Just to save $5 bucks and act like a beast!

I’ll stay here in bed as snug as a bug.

Go ahead and wrestle for that 20 dollar rug!

I do not begrudge you your savings, I don’t!

I just can not join you! I WILL NOT! I WON’T!!!



About Jody

This blog, like this girl is an ever-changing work in progress. The second I think I know myself I go and change. I write - some good, some bad. But, I write... I am a writer.
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