I Have This Theory


If this relationship is going to move forward, I should warn you, I’m obsessed with primates… all of them; Gorillas, Orangutan  (It’s orangutan, not Orangatang!) and mostly chimps. I don’t know… I think I was an ape in a past life and evolved into a human or something. That’s just a theory I have.

In my theory, I think the earth was covered with assorted apes just living, partying and stuff (Sorta like “Planet of the Apes”, but less pissed off and tyrannical) and then one of those red butted monkeys showed up and made everyone feel uncomfortable and some other ape said, “Dude, put some pants on!” Then the evolutionary process moved forward.

I am sitting in bed at 3:30am, engulfed in darkness writing this. THIS is the kind of shit that is sitting in my head, begging to be released to the page and preventing me from sleeping.

It would be one thing if my new found insomnia was due to a great novel just overtaking my mind, demanding its birth onto the page. That would be badass! But, alas…A tortured writer, I am not…I’m just a chick sitting in the dark, writing about red assed monkey’s.

There is a niche for every writer, this apparently, is mine.


About Jody

Jody is a writer living in Los Angeles. She’s best described as a work in progress - aren’t we all?
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