You Softly Touched My Skin

Many years ago I took a creative writing class. It wasn’t for college, it was just an evening course that I thought would be fun, as I’ve always loved to write. That first night there was about 20 of us there. The instructor gave us a fairly typical first exercise, describe the object he wrote on the board. I wrote:

You walked by us sitting together and looked us over hungrily. We were beautiful and we knew it. You reached out and touched us, lightly, just letting your fingers glide across our skin. Your fingers stopped on me, you looked for blemishes on my soft skin, but you would find none. You brought me to your nose and inhaled deeply. I heard you sigh. I was perfect. You chose me. A few moments later in your car alone, you reached for me. You brought me to your soft lips and inhaled my sweet aroma again, your mouth slowly opened for that long awaited kiss. Then your teeth pierced the same perfect skin you were just admiring moments ago…………YOU FUCKING BIT ME! I am an apple.

The instructor gave us a 10 minute break while he read our exercises. When we came back in the class, he asked me to read mine. I said, “uhhh, I’d rather not.” He replied, “I’d imagine not, but go ahead.” I read my description and the class actually laughed when I read aloud, “YOU FUCKING BIT ME!” I loved hearing their laughter. The instructor said, “Jody, you aren’t the best writer in class, but the reaction you got from the class… I did the same thing when I read your description. I was surprised and I laughed. Keep thinking outside the box, be creative, the writing will come.”

I’ll never be the best writer in the class or anywhere for that matter, but if I can make you smile, laugh or think then I’ll consider that a huge success. I hope you enjoy.


About Jody

Jody is a writer living in Los Angeles. She’s best described as a work in progress - aren’t we all?
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8 Responses to You Softly Touched My Skin

  1. Kay Berg says:

    Finally…I’ve been waiting for you to do this Jody! It’s wonderful…you always make me smile! Keep on writing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Susan Navarro says:

    great job,Jody!


  3. michele berry says:

    Love this Jody. Keep making everyone smile : ) love you!


  4. Michelle Cvijanovich says:

    Congrats Jody!!! I LOVE reading your daily posts!! They truly start my day off with a laugh & smile! You are so gifted!! Thank you for sharing your passion for writing with us!! ❤️


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